CYPHRLY Marketplace Briefing Session

The CYPHRLY Marketplace launch is right around the corner, and we’re excited to start sharing more about our services with future partners and users! CYPHRLY not only provides an all-encompassing NFT platform that allows brands, IPs and creators to onboard into the world of digital collectibles, but also offers our partners access to green NFT technology. This is made possible by the eco-friendly Luniverse blockchain, created by our parent company Lambda256 (more about them below)!

In order to familiarize potential partners with our platform and services, on the 20th of July, CYPHRLY held a briefing session for brands and IPs interested in joining hands with us. Over 50 representatives from diverse fields including gaming, fashion, figures, and more, came to find out about our services and how we operate our platform.

Speakers from the CYPHRLY team shared information about our vision, products, in-house studios, community operations, and more. We hope it was an informative and exciting session for everyone who attended, and we’re expecting to keep opening similar events in the future!

Participants of the session were also gifted brand new CYPHRLY hoodies and t-shirts— all courtesy of our collaboration with Avocado, the fashion-tech startup behind our stylish new threads!

To find out more about CYPHRLY and what we have in store, click here!

For the latest updates, you can also follow our Twitter page (@Cyphrly)

About Luniverse:

Luniverse, the first-ever consortium-based blockchain service platform in the world, offers a development environment where anyone can easily create blockchain services. Some advantages of Luniverse include multichain support and a layer2 solution with high performance(+3,000 TPS) and low cost. Certified by DNV, Luniverse’s high energy-efficiency is made possible by a validation algorithm called LPoA (Luniverse Proof-of-Authority) behind the Luniverse Layer 2 sidechain, which produces 99.99% less energy than that of energy-intensive systems like Ethereum.

Luniverse has provided NFT features and travel rule services since 2021 — as well as DID, Trace, Point, and wallets, all necessary tools for building Web3 services. It also supports ERC20 and ERC721 multichain bridge environment for Ethereum, Klaytn, and Solana. Currently, +5,000 customers are using Luniverse, including Upbit NFT, Lotte Home Shopping, Hyundai Department Store, Mil.K, Aha, ZikTalk, Gluwa, Cherry, IDRT, and many more.



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